First camera: DSLR or mirrorless

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Re: First camera: DSLR or mirrorless

baloo_buc wrote:
Canon has a sensor that is not up to present day standards so its performance is almost identical to the one in the best mirrorless offerings.

I'm not sure what you're smoking.

Best mirrorless offering is the Sony A7s. It's not yet benched, but it's predecessor, the A7R ($2300), by DxOMark, has better image quality by DxOMark than either the Canon 1Dx ($6000) or the Nikon D4s ($6000). Overall image quality is 95 for A7r, 89 for D4s, and 82 for 1Dx.

Cheapest new mirrorless I am aware of is the Sony A3000. Compared to bottom-of-the-barrel Canon/Nikon, it has much better image quality than the Canon T3, at about $50 less. It is only slightly behind the twice-as-expensive Nikon D3300. It is much better than the D3100 (the cheapest Nikon dSLR still in production), and still $50 cheaper.

If you compare Sony E-mount to Nikon and Canon, the mirrorless sensors give better image quality than the competing dSLR sensors at every price point.

Panasonic and Olympus are a bit behind in terms of raw sensor performance, by virtue of a slightly smaller sensor, but not enough to matter in the real world. Panasonic makes up for it by giving spectacular video, while Olympus by giving IBIS. Shooting primes, Olympus will generally come out well ahead Canon/Nikon for image quality, in spite of sensor size, due to IBIS. Both have excellent ergonomics as well, but especially the nicer Olympus models. Canon/Nikon ergonomics suck until you get up into the D7000/70D range.

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