Winners Challenge 428 HAPPY

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Winners Challenge 428 HAPPY

Ok I have been slammed with work again... dont know why I set this challenge to end on a weekend when I am doing 14 hour shifts... and stuck on an old work laptop - haha
Since almost all of these photos ended up being people we love, I am not going to do honorable mentions, just know they all gave me a sense of happiness at a time when I really needed it... And I thank each and everyone of you for participating.
The winners all affected me personally, this time it was not about composition, lighting...bla bla but about HAPPY--- Which ones made my heart sing.
Third place
Scott - Victory
The timeless happiness of a strike...

2nd Place a two way tie... and three photos ---- These three filled my heart with happiness... Btrons had to be both photos... since the story need both... And I loved them both

She is so beautiful and proud... 8^) I love her


Love Love Love

And the winner... reclaiming her title after only one week...

Not much I can say here, *Happy* This is the reason many of us bought our cameras and learned to how to take photos...

Thank you all again for participating, and especially for helping me with comments during the week, as my time was crazy limited. I just did my last week long event at a building I have worked at for 20 years (being torn down for condos)

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