Wildlife shooting? Ditch your m43 Panny and buy a Superzoom!

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Simple experiment

Jorginho wrote:

Leandros S wrote:

Jorginho wrote:

6) The most important thing: the EVF slows down badly with the 100-300 on it. It is really difficult to track a fast moving subject. The difference with the 45-175 is clealry noticable, with the 35-100 it is huge...If the FZ1000 is like the 45-175 in the 100-200 range it is really a better cam than the 100-300 for this.

If that's true, it's likely a result of less light coming to the sensor with a long lens, and avoiding a noisy EVF image. Again, that sounds like physics to me, which means the FZ1000 would have to cut a corner somewhere to offer more responsive EVF in the same conditions.

It is during the best daylight this happens. No noisy images whatsover. It does not slow down with AF-s at the very same settings. It sounds to me like a lens that is not up to it.

Take a variable aperture zoom. Use it wide open. Pick a scene of uniform colour and constant light. Meter at the wide end. Meter at the long end. Compare. My strong guess is you're seeing longer exposure suggested at the long end. And that's why the EVF slows down.

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