A6000 or RX100MKIII?

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Re: A6000 or RX100MKIII?

I have the A6000 and RX100.

The RX100 does two things well. First, it fits in a jeans pocket. If that's the difference between you taking the camera and leaving it, that alone makes the RX100 the best. The A6000 fits in a jacket pocket.

Second, the RX100 choses the lowest ISO and slowest shutter speed possible (this makes it good for landscapes, bad for action) and the lens is fast when wide (so it works well for landscapes or indoor architecture). It doesn't work well for portraits because wide angle distorts faces and when zooming in, it stops down. The RX100iii is better in this regard, actually slightly better than the A6000 (if I remember the math right) but still, the A6000 will be a better portrait choice because you can swap lenses.

Here's the easy way to decide, keep going down until you hit your deal breaker:

Jeans pocketable: RX100

Moving subject: A6000

Landscape with kit lens: RX100

Anything else: A6000

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