First camera: DSLR or mirrorless

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Re: First camera: DSLR or mirrorless

Chris R-UK wrote:
There are also a lot more lenses available for DSLRs than for mirrorless.

Questionable. It depends on what you're looking for. There is a larger raw number of lenses in the Canon/Nikon line-ups, but there are also big gaps.

If you want fast lenses with stabilization, your choices are:

  • Sony A-mount
  • Pentax
  • Micro 4/3

This is helpful for everyone, but especially beginners, who often either don't have tripod/flash, don't know how to use it, or don't want to use it. That's a very big gap. A/K/MFT mounts all have similar (and very sufficient) lens lineups. The gaps are relatively esoteric.

On the low-budget end, you can also adapt many older manual focus lenses to mirrorless. Not so to dSLRs.

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