Warning to EM-1 users :sunshine into EVF can create indeletable blotches, as confirmed by Olympus.

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Re: VF-4 Owners' Manual

Bob Tullis wrote:

Zensu11 wrote:

In the VF-4s' Owners Manual it states,

"Warnings: Safety Precautions

Do not expose the inside to sunlight directly through the eye lens."

Now THAT's the first 'official' statement I've come across, being in print, on the matter. I don't recall seeing that on the VF-2, and if the EVF is significantly different in the latter models. . . Hmmm.


I think it is far more likely that the waning "evolved" through the use of the new EVFs..

To burn the surface of the EVF in the VF you need a certain set of circumstances to occur, all at the same time, and I dont think it happens OFTEN... When the "sun is in alignment" to put a catch phrase on it, the surface of the EVF will burn eventually, its a matter of how long the sun is aligned with the lens on the back looking directly at the EVF surface.

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