Zeiss lens package - now what to sell?

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Zeiss lens package - now what to sell?

Picked up the Zeiss package, 12mm & 32mm lenses.

Really nice. Tempted to keep both just on how elegant they look and how nice they feel.

Reality intrudes and with testing done head to head, two lenses have to go.

Think I will keep the 12mm Zeiss while the 14mm Fuji will go.

Think I will keep the 35mm Fuji while the 32mm Zeiss will go.

Why the choices? Not because any of them are bad. The 12mm is wider and that is why I'll keep it over the 14mm. Both produce very nice images.

The 35mm Fuji will stay while the 32mm Zeiss will go. reason is the Fuji is just 'that much' longer in focal length and it is a 1.4 compared to 1.8. Small differences but the determining factors for me.

I shot in outdoor daylight, old building with the lenses. All tripod mounted. Same ISO, ran the apertures from wide open to fully stopped down in full stop increments.

The three shots indoors in the old abandoned church. Same thing. All four lenses look good so my decision is based on how things shake out for me.

I like the wider field of view with the 12mm and the touch longer focal length with my 35mm. Not much difference on the long end but a noticeable difference with the sider angle lens.

So, the big question now is what to ask for the two I will sell.

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