Is my glass good enough?

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Re: Is my glass good enough?

britcam wrote:

That probably reflects the fact that the picture is so confusing in Pentax land. Choice is to go for either lenses with known potential SDM issues, or modest performing consumer lenses. Or third party lenses, of which Sigma is clearly leading the pack.

If one is spending on a fully featured top of range Lexus, and had a choice of engines, one would hardly go for one introduced back in 2003, ie when the 16-45 was first released.

Instead I'd be looking to understand where the system was that married a first rate standard zoom that I could buy new with my K3, and not have to bother with CA issues at all.

That's one reason I bought a Fuji X-E2 with the 18-55 kit lens. It's virtually up there with their primes - just a slower lens, that's all. That way, no chopping and changing, no looking at lens tests and revues, and no temptation to buy and sell, as is so often the case with Pentax sadly.

So once again Pentax, where is the replacement for the venerable 16-50? For me, I might stick with my FA 24-90, plus 8-16, and 55-300 WR that I ordered today. Two young ones that counter the old guy!!
Rich S (britcam)

Geez, if all this is true, it sort of makes me want to give up on Pentax altogether! Yikes! Uh-oh!

It's just that I found, unlike the previous DSLR's I tried, I actually have an affinity (?) for the K-5. I mean, I like the layout and the feel or whatever. I pick it up and use it, whereas the others before (D70, XTi, T3i) I sort of left on the shelf for the most part, and didn't learn anything!

I mean, first I got a used K-x really, really cheap, and it was okay, but I really only bought it because it was a DSLR and it was so cheap. It was like, only a $150, with a lens! So I bought it. Then, not long after, I spotted a dirt cheap used K-7, and bought that, but only read a review about it after I'd already bought it. And the review said it wasn't so good at low light, which bugged me. So I sold the K-7, and for a pretty good profit!

Then I came across the glowing K-5 review, and I was sold. I bought a brand new K-5, and I have really been enjoying it. But it has confused me at times. Photos underexposed. Out of focus. Photos rejected for 'bad' color. White skies that should be nice and blue. Then the K-3 review talking about Pentax color not being for everyone...

I just been telling myself, it's me. My inexperience, namely. Not the camera.

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