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Miki Nemeth
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No native lens exists to replace the FoV and DoF of an 50mm/f1.2 + Speed Booster on Fujifilm cameras

Redlion wrote:

To get the same thing from Fuji, Fuji would have to make a 35mm F0.85 lens.

Joe, thank you so much for the clarification. Completely clear: this is another meaningful reason to use legacy lenses. To paraphrase what you say:

To get the an 50mm/f1.2 full-frame equivalent lens on APS, Fuji (or any maker) would have to make a 35mm F0.85 lens. With an appropriate speed-booster any (legacy) 50mm/f1.2 (Nikon, Canon FD/EOS, Olympus, Minolta MD) can be used on a Fuji camera keeping the 50mm FoV along with the shallow/thin F1.2 DoF/light throughput characteristics.

Where could be the catch? (1) The speed-booster adapter alone is as expensive as my entire X-A1 set. (2) Even with the speed-booster it is not guaranteed that I could use my FD 24mm/f1.4L wide open without noticeable softened image. At least your fine results and happiness with the Nikon 50mm/f1.2 encourages me to buy a speed-booster for my decent Olympus OM 55mm/f1.2; I had terrific results with that lens on the A7, until I had my A7; but this is another story.

Thank You again for the great comments:

Greetings from Budapest on a hot June afternoon taken with Minolta MD 20mm/f2.8 on X-A1 (no speed-booster, but MD 20mm is my favorite legacy lens)


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