Best time to invest in Olympus?

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Re: Best time to invest in Olympus?

dennis tennis wrote:

markintosh13 wrote:

Pet peeve:

It's not an investment unless it's making you money somehow.


not money, anything deemed of value by the investor, can be considered an investment.

you can invest spending quality time with your children, invest in cultivating friendships, you can invest in your health.

Of course, maybe to you everything is money.

Or you could simply leave out the language that expresses an current spending of a limited resource now in expectation of a future return.

even your examples fall into that language trap.

it expresses things in terms of markets, of measured value and exchange.

it's okay to simply do something, to give something, to want something, to need something - without having to justify it in such terms. People should be more altruistic and honest to others and themselves. Improper application of the concepts leads to self deception and overspending, and often leads to my other pet peeve - buying way more than one needs in the name of "future proofing".

P.s. Your little personal attack is all the more ironically amusing when they're all rooted in the calculating terms of egocentric personal return.

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