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Re: Looks like B&H has MADE A LOT OF PEOPLE HAPPY!

jintoku wrote:

Len, apart from *one* of their representatives coming on this forum and personally apologizing they have done absolutely *nothing* to rectify their mistake. No apology, not even a notice that the order is delayed, and most importantly, are holding on to the money for ten days before they actually ship the camera, therefore effectively holding customers hostage into their purchase with them when they could purchase the camera any day from BB and have it the next day. That is not optimal behavior by a company realizing that they made a mistake.

I don't want to say that they're particularly bad and that I'll avoid them in the future, but this apologizing for them and pretending that they're saints who put the customers before their own interest is just silly talk. They want to primarily make money, like any other electronics seller, and the reason they're not acting more to correct their error is because this is working out for them: like many others I will keep this order with them because they have my money already and I'm not in a big hurry to get it (but please give me a break attacking those who want it now -- let them have their excitement for Pete's sake and shut up). However when having to pick between them and e.g., Adorama in the future, after this experience I'll be leaning more the Adorama way.

Let me know when the funeral is. Clearly someone died w all this knashing of teeth. ;-).

I wonder how many people were actually affected by this?  10?

much angst about nothing.


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