Will the Nikon D5 be a mirrorless full-frame camera?

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Re: Will the Nikon D5 be a mirrorless full-frame camera?

BruceB609 wrote:

I should put a word in for those who insist on the OVF over the qualities of an EVF. The OVF is as good as it will ever get. EVF is still relatively young and it's already incredibly good. I saw the huge advantage of the EVF when you get so much control with it, live information, fine focusing, tone curves, color options, black and white with "contrast filter effects"... I'm sure I only listed a few of many. I'm using an Olympus VF-4 on a Pen and it's a very, very serious alternative to using a full frame OVF. After all, I still have an old multi-frame Wetzlar finder that will pop onto the Pen and gives me an even older OVF option. I don't think I'll need it though. Times have changed and I wish Nikon had done the same.


I'm not so sure.  I think that there can be too much information and it can distract from the things you have to do when you take a shot.  I shoot raw and a number of the things you mention can better be done in the digital darkroom where I can take the time to consider many more options for processing.  I get better images when I concentrate on composition, focus, DoF, exposure, etc. in the field and defer other decisions to the digital darkroom.

I'm not really commenting on OVF vs EVF.  I'm just suggesting that having a ton of information in the viewfinder is not necessarily best particularly if you shoot raw.  If you shoot jpg, than the case you make is stronger.

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