First camera: DSLR or mirrorless

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Re: First camera: DSLR or mirrorless

kufuxul wrote:



As someone who doesn't own any DSLR and is not bound to Canon/Nikon lens system, should my first camera be DSLR or mirrorless?

Depends on a bunch of things, one of them being just pure personal preference.

My budget is 600$ and was leaning towards Canon T3i/Nikon D3200 until I found this article: which started me thinking about buying some mirrorless camera, as perhaps they are the future and will offer better options (lenses etc.) in couple years?

Think about the present. Pick what works the best for you, not what has the most potential to help a camera company make profits.

Apart from future perspectives, will mirrorless camera offer same quality as T3i/D3200 in the same price range or will I be trading quality for portability?

If by quality you mean just image quality, then yes, mirrorless cameras and DSLRs in this price range will give very similar image quality. But it also depends on what lens you use.

If so, what model should I take?

Read this article: The Best Affordable Mirrorless Camera | The Wirecutter

And while you're at it, read the DSLR version, too: The Best Entry-Level DSLR | The Wirecutter

Also, Canon/Nikon have established lens systems which are more than likely to be compatible with newest models... can the same be said about mirrorless cameras?

Why wouldn't it? Why would a company release a lens, only to be incompatible with a newer camera?

Mirrorless cameras are, exactly like DSLRs, called "system cameras", because they are a part of a system. Lenses are a vital part of the system. Some companies have several systems - for example, Sony has the A-mount and the E-mount, each with two different formats (sensor sizes). Lenses designed for the E-mount are incompatible with A-mount cameras, but an adapter can be bought to do the other way around - use an A-mount lens on an E-mount body. Lenses designed for APS-C sensors give an image circle that's not big enough to "cover" a full frame sensor entirely, so those should not be used on cameras with full frame sensors, but a lens designed for full frame sensors can be used on cameras with APS-C sensors. Hope you're following...

If so, what system should I buy into?

Depends on a bunch of things, one of them being just pure personal preference. (Sorry for reusing answers, but it simply worked for this question, too.)

I'd appreciate your help!

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