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brianric wrote:

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brianric wrote:

If you need higher ISO and/or fps you are better off with a Df or D4S. I have a Df, and a D3S. I have no intention of getting rid of my D800 & D800E.

With 16 mp vs 36? I don't think so, 24 maybe. But not 16.

No matter what some claim, MP's do count. Not just for cropping either.

Anyone who really looks at output from the D7100 /K3 sensor with 24MP on APS-C, should easily see why MP's / pixel density, counts.

Add fps and higher ISO the the D800E (as per expected D800s) and its a great everything camera.

You just proved my point of the satire.

No, because reality is that technology changes, things move on. No one ever said that cameras wont work anyone.

But there are BETTER out there.

And some need the added features. Do you really think if we were still using film and an ISO 12800 film came out, people would not buy it? Because who needs more than Kodachrome 64?

Just a reality,. and yes, MP's do count,. no matter is many refuse to accept it.

After all, if they don't, why not sell your D800's and get D700's? Can get money back. Or get another Df instead, same user interface....

Why did you buy your D800's in the first place? Rather ironic.

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Wishing You Good Light.

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