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Re: Hail the FZ-1500!!!

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I'm somewhat amused at all the 3F's (Full Frame Fanatics) that are trashing this yet unreleased camera based on things like "equivalent aperture". I know many of their parents weren't even born yet when these same kinds of arrows were slung at their "full frame" 35mm format as being too small and inferior in every way [except size]. Many will never own a superzoom because they're just toys and have fixed lenses [even when that fixed lens may cover more territory than their entire bag of glass], but then they'll never remove their elitist blinders either. Why they feel the need to trash talk a camera they've never seen nor tried and that's not meant to replace theirs is beyond me.

New Model Hysteria is really funny to watch, both the rejoicing and questioning on our smallholding, and the strident cries from the heads popping up over the fence from neighbouring smallholdings.

It will also be funny when those who rush in and buy one find that it has teething troubles.

Predictable, or what?


Yes, but is the FZ-1000 (despite its wondrous promise) the FZ-100 of this generation? One can only surmise what the FZ-1500 will bring!!! (John Miles' eyes just rolled back in his head heehee)

Come On. Let's get this one out the door first eh.........

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FZ50 is still great though: http://www.juzaphoto.com/recensione.php?l=en&t=panasonic_lumix_fz50 . Performace diagram here: http://www.dpreview.com/galleries/3862228415/photos/2623982/fz50-performance-range

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