Best crop sensor DSLR AF?

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Ontario Gone
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Best crop sensor DSLR AF?

Let me preface this with a small bit of info. I am not interested in the newest models such as K3, D7100, A77 2 or 70D. Those offerings have higher resolutions and a few more features but 16mp is more than enough for my needs and the last gen models come at bargain prices. I am also not as interested in focus array performance, i almost always use center point AF. Im also presenting this with the assumption that the lenses AF speed won't be an issue, im more concerned with accuracy with moderate paced motion.

I am debating between the 60D, D7000, and A77. I will be using my GX7 for most landscapes and stationary shots, indoor portraits ect. For when things get moving around (going on vacation to the beach soon, my kids will be a big part of the photography), i don't want to miss shots because of action. This will be the 2nd time my toddler has been to the ocean, but the first time she is old enough to play in the water, and i want a more capable AF cam for certain moments.

The other thing is i won't be buying too many high end lenses, no canon L glass ect, this won't likely ever be my main system. While my current MFT lenses will be optically better than a 18-55 kit lens, that IQ is meaningless if i can't get AF to lock, so that's basically the role im trying to fill. For anybody wondering why i don't try and pick up a GH4, my two favorite lenses ATM are the 20 and Sigma 60, which won't benefit from DFD (plus GH4 price is still higher than i will pay). Last gen DSLRs offer a great price for good tracking, my only question is, which is the better one.

I will be buying 1 or two cheaper lenses no matter which body i go with. Nikkor 35 F1.8G, Sony 35 F1.8DT, something like that. Perhaps a Tamron/Sigma 75-300 after that. Again this will fill the role solely of motion tracking and i don't shoot as much of that in daily life, so im not planning on making it my main system, hence the cheaper lenses. Nothing else is a factor FYI, video, flash, ect, the only thing im concerned with is tracking (if there will be any difference at all).

If there are any other cameras you wish to suggest please feel free, im open to hear any ideas. In case it comes up, i did ponder both the EM5 (which would mean i can use my current lenses) and the A6k but there were two issues there. First, im not convinced they are a match for a D7k's AF, (i could be wrong). Feel free to offer thoughts/opinions/ect, thanks in advance.

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