Best time to invest in Olympus?

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Re: Best time to invest in Olympus?

Danielvr wrote:

It's likely that new models will be released this autumn.

I wouldn't expect another flagship model until the end of 2015 at the very earliest. Olympus is slow to release top-level bodies and there are no urgent new technologies that the user base is screaming for.

E-1: Jun 2003
E-3: Nov 2007
E-5: Oct 2010
E-M1: Oct 2013
E-M3: ??

I too think it's unlikely that we'll see another top end Olympus camera anytime soon (same for Panasonic), but I wouldn't be completely surprised to see a small revision with a new shutter mechanism to fully exploit the recent introduction of the electronic first curtain, particularly in burst mode or to reduce lag.

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