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Re: I feel your pain !!


On a serious note, at lot of my work in the studio goes out to the younger audience (18-25), and you would not BELIEVE how many of them are interested in this so-called obsolete, old-fashioned thing called a "print", particularly when said print is of reasonable size AND of gallery quality. So while there obviously is lot of interest in 4K, looking at images on the TV, etc, I for one am finding that the physical medium, something tangible in your hand, where the color and density is controlled (you can't control the color and density seen on a viewer, on a display, not even close, since there is SO much variance in the quality and setting of those displays), is actually still very much desired if one takes the time to do the prints correctly, which I do. I'm actually shocked at how many times I hear "wow, the pic you sent me in email was nice, but THIS (referring to the print in the models hand) is absolutely fantastic".


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