Any three lenses (but only three)

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Re: Any three lenses (but only three)

Good question. Essentially I wish I had been given four lenses, not three. But the reality is that when I shoot landscape, both the 21 and the 24 get the most use - by far - than anything else in the backpack. After that would actually be the moderate wides (28,35) and something moderate telephoto - all about tied. So while 21 and 24 seem close, for most of what I do, I tend to run into things that work well with one or the other (of those two) most often. I've always "seen" wide angles, going back to 1977, primarily in the 20 and 24mm viewpoints. So I had to leave the 35mm off the list, although obviously if I could pick 4 lenses it would certainly be on there. I also think the 21 and 24 have totally different character and renderings, so that helps separate them visually even though they are somewhat nearby in terms of focal length.

But that's the problem with these "choose 3 lenses" posts - something good is always left off. The reality is my core landscape kit is the 21, 24, 35, 24-70 and the 135. If I get a Sigma 50 art, it will likely take the place of the 24-70.

The 28/1.8G often comes with me since it's not that big and has nice flare resistance as well. On rare occasion I will trot out the 200/2G and put it into the backpack, along with about 4 extra packs of Advil 'cause I will be needing same after hauling it around the airports....


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