My First RX10 Shots and some initial thoughts.

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My First RX10 Shots and some initial thoughts.

Here is the gallery of all the test shots:

This Watercolor is fun I see why its a hit with Sony users. Its a hit with me as a new Sony user.

The image above and others ended up with slower shutter than I thought I would get. I should have bumped the ISO to 800 as the sun was going down. I took a few with flash just to see.

So far I like think the EVF is the best I have used, but I have not tried the GH4/FZ1000 or the Fuji XT-I. I love this EVF it is great. I think the build quality is nice. I am going to have to reserve judgment on image quality. Its going to be tough for the RX10 to impress me (which isn't fair) because I shoot mainly super sharp primes on my M43 and the Ricoh GR which has a DXO mark score about double the RX100m2.

I was disappointed I could not achieve a smoother Bokeh but with the 1 inch sensor and only 200mm I expected it and new from the flickr shots I have seen. But I didn't buy this for Bokeh anyway. I will post below how much Bokeh my FZ200 gets at 600MM its incredible and should be similar on the FZ1000.

I think the menus and controls are fine, but having to use my other hand to exit menus by selecting menu is the worst UI choice I have seen in a long time. It prevents one handed use without exiting completely and re entering the menu.

I like the rings for Aperture and Zoom, I think I will forget about the Focus lever on the front quite a few times, but I prefer levers to menu diving so I am happy to have it. I also like the top display, but like someone in this forum mentioned you forget its there. I am sure I will find a use for it as I have wished for one having never owned a Pro Level DSLR with one and fumbling at times in the dark with the LCD off for courtesy. I only had Rebel types with good glass.

The Sony Wifi setup was faster than Panasonic's for sure, but I think once Panasonic's is setup it was great. This Sony app locked up when trying to control the camera but transferred photos very quickly.

If you would have told me before I bought this camera that it would not allow back button Focus and Exposure Lock at the same time in one press not two, I would not have ordered it. I don't know one serious working pro "who actually makes a great living" and shoots mainly people where the focus point and point of exposure is the same who does not sure back button focus. Even my smaller lower end enthusiast point and shoots have this. But Sony's implementation of locking both exposure and focus on the shutter button works very well and is predictable so I will deal with it. I have read some work arounds but they are not the same. My other favorite way to focus and set exposure is with a touch screen. I expect the Mark 2 will have one, but who knows.

I like Sonys in camera HDR and other Picture Effects, they are very fun. I do wish they could be applied afterward like on my LF1 and FZ200. I enjoy taking a photo and seeing how well a camera filter can make my image look while riding home in the car. Just for experimenting and giving me ideas of what stuff I will do while editing. I hope the Mark 2 allows this and maybe has in camera .Raw conversion like my Ricoh GR. Sometimes the image from the camera with my Ricoh has better rendering and noise reduction than I am able to get from light room. And I like being able see what my options are sometimes while on a trip when I am just chilling.

My daughter has another performance in two weeks. That will be the real test.

This photo is from my FZ200 with only some facial blemish (teenage acne) touch ups in Lightroom. The Bokeh is impressive.

This is the type of shot I think will be tougher for the Sony and may be a better job for the FZ1000. This is from way back in the theater at full 600mm. She was fairly still but I am able to freeze 80% of the action with the FZ200 in this light, but in lower light the images struggle more as I bump ISO.

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