Is this the right purchase for me?

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Is this the right purchase for me?

My 99 dollar Samsung SL420 lost its autofocus after four years of very satisfactory service. I kept looking longingly at far better point and shoot cameras but was so impressed with the Samsung for my needs that I kept waiting. I've gotten some astonishingly good shots out of this little digital. The cost of repair was a non starter for such a budget camera so I scrapped it. I did dismantle and attempt repair. No good.

So I budgeted myself 200 dollars for a replacement.

My needs are roughly...

This is the only camera I own

I very rarely print photographs larger than 5x7

I Like to have extra 'headroom' available on the occasions when I exceed that

Even though I'm looking at lower end 'budget' digitals, I value image quality far far above all other functions on the camera. I'm a patient photographer. I almost never use zoom. It's just a habit and a style I've developed. That may sound odd coming from a budget user, but I really do enjoy the art despite such humble equipment.

So I'm almost afraid to ask this, since someone is sure to talk me out of it. But the Fujifilm XF1 seems to be near perfect for my upgrade from the basement budget Samsung. At only twice the price, deeply discounted since it's out of production, it's probably five times the camera. I frankly like the idea of a manual, vs pushbutton, zoom, despite that I rarely zoom. The 2/3 sensor, even if less well utilized than a couple of other cameras (albeit at two to three times this retail price), is sure to be more than twice the improvement over my little samsung.


Crazy about the looks, with apologies to the function-over-form purists out there. But at 194 dollars free ship, 99.7 approval rating, 14 day money back or item exchange, free return shipping, this looks like I'd be nuts not to just make the order.   I'd rather order B&H but they are no longer stocking this camera.

It's pretty disappointing that any camera in the last three years above the 59.95 price point would not include wifi capability. What the heck? And the ability to charge the battery internally via USB? Again, why not? Just a couple of very basic, easily implemented, very convenient features that Fujifilm might have included and still met the price point. Hard to understand the marketing department sometimes and it makes choosing a camera all the more perplexing. I know the XQ1 does the wifi, but my budget stops at 200 dollars.

One more thing. Does it matter if this is a "gray market" camera? I'm fine with the 14 day policy on a 200 dollar item. I've never been big on extended warranties. It's a toss of the dice that almost always benefits the seller. If it were a high end purchase that my job depended on it would be another matter. But does gray market mean that the product itself is in any way inferior? Is an Ebay vendor required to state that an item is gray market? If it is not gray market will the standard warranty apply? Can I trust the Ebay vendor to answer such questions honestly?

Thanks so much.

Fujifilm XF1 Fujifilm XQ1
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