Lets see your 58mm samples, was it worth it?

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Re: Lets see your 58mm samples, was it worth it?

Stacey_K wrote:

For me a new lens purchase is always in question until I get that one shot where I go "Ah, ok this is why this lens is said to be so good". Most of the time, with a great lens, it happens very soon after I start using it, which was true of the 180mm f2.8, the 105mm f2 DC etc.

The first few shots with the 58mm I was like "huh???". They looked soft and mushy. Then I spend some time fine tuning the AF and things improved dramatically. These were just shots of inanimate objects wide open in my backyard in bright daylight. Not really what this lens was designed to excel at. If I had simple shot a few samples with the lens mounted at a store, I would have put it back on the shelf.

A few days ago I got a D800 and was finishing up a web site project for an artist. The last thing I needed was an environmental portrait of him in his studio so took my new D800 + 58mm f1.4G. This shot was from a raw processed in CNX2 with the only adjustment being to correct a bit for WB. I could tell when I chimped the shot I had nailed exactly what I had previsualized I wanted in this shot. My client is ecstatic.

I now understand why this lens is special. I'm not going to discount my ability to capture the moment here, but I also believe this tool was instrumental in capturing it. I myself questioned the price of this "simple" lens and almost didn't but it, but while I may not understand why it costs what it does, I understand the value of it as part of my kit. I've been shooting with the 50mm f1.8G for a couple of years and never got anything close to this with it.

It was samples like this that convinced me to buy the 58mm in the first place, so lets see your samples from this lens that have convinced you this lens was worth the investment for you.

Great shot, Stacey...

Is this lens worth it?

No, I guess, not really... no lens is worth waiting 40 years to come along, is it?!

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