What to do? (satire)

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I feel your pain !!

Man, I feel your pain!

First I hear about how my D800E has these HORRIBLE reds, over-saturated, out of control... I know this because some poster in this forum says it's so. Next thing you know, it's not red, but the horrible GREEN CAST this camera of mine is supposed to have! Holy Hell, I'm confused now lemme tell ya. I mean, even though I have neither issues with reds nor any green cast, I mean, some forum guy says there's a problem, with lots of posts and arrogance, so of course there must be one, right? I mean, it must be me who is wrong, blind, or inept, right??

And then to top it all off, I hear these rumors of a D800S - is it going to have a problem with silver? Is that what the "S" stands for??? Plus, OMG in capital letters, it's made in THAILAND! Does that mean it's going to break the moment I open the box up??

It's enough to make me look for a Kodak Disc camera on ebay and just give this modern stuff up, ya know?

-m, one reader who is beyond frustrated at the vast amounts of bull excrement he reads in this forum the past month or so, who actually loves his red cast camera, er, oops, green cast camera, er, soon to be replaced by a Thailand model camera and wouldn't trade it for anything he's used from any brand in the past 35 years....

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