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Re: Looks like B&H has MADE A LOT OF PEOPLE HAPPY!

I think they handled communications poorly.  Emails explaining what happened/apologies  should have been sent out to all their customers who ordered during that time frame.  Sure we at dpreview forums know what happened, but what about the others who don't come here? I understand why our credit cards were charged, its because the ordering system thought the cameras were available for sale and it expected the items to be shipped out immediately. Still, no matter the reason, its a big inconvenience to the buyer, especially if he wanted to order it from somewhere else and won't have the funds until the money is refunded back into his account.

Honestly, I was planning on keeping my B&H order, since I was assured there were enough cameras for people affected by the error, and i didn't want deal with the hassle of going through the refund process.  HOWEVER,  my boss (AKA WIFE), just now made me cancel my order because she thinks something shady is going on.  She wanted to make a big fuss about it, call the BBB and notify my credit card company.  I told her its no big deal, and just settled on cancelling my order.  I will not be ordering the camera anywhere else, at least until my funds are restored to my card (maybe not even then, my wife wasn't too thrilled about me getting a new camera in the first place).  Its funny, when i tried to cancel online, i was notified that someone was going to get into contact with me about it. I hope no one is going to try to talk me out of it. It'll make this whole experience even more sour. For the record, I have nothing against B&H. This was the first time ordering from them and I understand mistakes happen.

jintoku wrote:

You guys defending B&H like it's your family member are a bit funny to me. They did not only make a mistake on their website, they also never sent an update that the orders weren't shipping (I still haven't received one), they never sent an apology, they also keep holding on to the money they deducted from everybody's accounts, and they're limiting proper apologies in the form of store credits to a couple of apparently randomly selected folks (I didn't get one).

Meanwhile Best Buy started shipping (yes, see the other thread) and I can't buy there because my allowance for toys this month (and actually the last two as well) is in the hands of B&H. So you guys can defend B&H as much as you want, but I think they are not doing a great job trying to correct their original mistake at all.

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