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Re: Materialistic alternative - 400mm FL, 600mm & 800mm - and sell :-)

whoosh1 wrote:

Even more materialistic alternative (if photography was not my passion) - get 400mm FL (~$12k), 600mm VR (~$10k) and 800mm FL (~$18k). These $40k worth of lenses would be free to me (in this hypothetical experiment). Sell them for $35k - and go for $35k worth of trips & take pictures with a P&S or an iPhone :-).

Yes, great (or at least sneaky) minds think alike, and that's why I forbade that sort of thing in the imaginary fine print. Given such an offer with no fine print, I would have looked to Nikon's industrial side for some sort of lens system that was ridiculously expensive, requested three (for free), sold them, and used some of the proceeds for a budget camera or, if required to, waited ten years and then sold them. If I had to wait ten years to sell, I might just request two of them plus a 28-300mm do-everything lens to capture moments in life over those ten years that would be too precious to miss (and an iPhone isn't flexible enough to capture a lot of them).

But since the deal wasn't real, I figured writing down a lot of fine print would result in fewer respondents, so I stuck with K.I.S.S. and left it implied.

FWIW, the imaginary fine print disallowed P&S cameras but allowed cameras on phones. The reason was that I, and most of us, will be carrying smart phones from now on, so strategies that assumed an ever-present phone in the pocket would have more practical value.

I suspect that if I ask the same question five years from now, I won't want to limit it to "Nikon mount" due to improvements in small, mirrorless solutions.

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