Any three lenses (but only three)

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Materialistic alternative - 400mm FL, 600mm & 800mm - and sell :-)

Even more materialistic alternative (if photography was not my passion) - get 400mm FL (~$12k), 600mm VR (~$10k) and 800mm FL (~$18k). These $40k worth of lenses would be free to me (in this hypothetical experiment). Sell them for $35k - and go for $35k worth of trips & take pictures with a P&S or an iPhone :-).

whoosh1 wrote:

May go for Zeiss 135mm or Nikon 200mm VR instead of the Zeiss 15mm for killer portraits. Would likely be torn between the Zeiss 15mm, Zeiss 135mm and Nikon 200mm. The other 2 would be the fluorite lenses - 400mm and 800mm.

Here's why:

1. They are given to me free - might as well get the best lenses that are hard to afford

2. For the next decade - specialize and master in photography that will really stand out from others (bird/wildlife/sports due to focal lengths involved - or really wide with Zeiss 15mm OR killer portraits with Zeiss 135/Nikon 200). Return to other photography types after a decade.

3. For general photography - cheat a little and get a Sony RX100 III (24-70 equivalent) - if that is not allowed - then an iPhone.

Tuanglen wrote:

If you could pick any three lenses for a Nikon FX camera, and they would be given to you for free, but those would be the ONLY three lenses you would be allowed to use for the next decade, which three lenses would you choose?

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