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Are you kidding?

Sean Nelson wrote:

chiane wrote:

if ... you've think you' beat the system' because you saw 'in stock' on a web sellers site, you have to blame yourself a little for wanting more than anything to believe it, even if you probably knew better.

It's amazing to me how many people are brainwashed by the "gotta have it now" mindset being peddled by the consumer manufacturing industry. Especially when most people already have a perfectly serviceable device they can use in the meantime.

Capitalism at it's most beguiling!

I have been wanting my presents and gifts before the actually holiday since I can remember in the early 1950's.  Hell..... my dog wants to open his presents NOW!

There is no Big Brother Commercialization going on.   Its human nature to want a cool new thing NOW!

I bet  when PaPa Caveman made his first spear for his son,  that the son was chomping at the bit to get it early!

Ever watch little piglets after they are born.   There is a race to see who can get to the best teet first!!

Same thing....no brain washing... we are born this way.  Some more then others!

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