Anyone tried one of those Sensor Gel sticks on a 6D or a 5D3 yet??

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Re: good move maybe

qianp2k wrote:

Timbukto wrote:

Well I see they are endorsed and sold by Copper Hill so that is a big boost in confidence.

Yes, I see this new Copper Hill Kit now, combination wet and gel; use the stick as often as needed then the wet tools when required:

Copper Hill Gel Kit

Mixed reviews there.

Like someone else said, maybe when the adhesive hits the oil on the edges, it can't really "pick" it up or adhere to it, just smears it around. For loose dust the gel stick is probably great, but the really stuck on stuff and oil would logically be a lot harder to remove.

I saw some good results but for me I don't get my sensor dirty enough for me to use it over wet clean. Methanol has a very low evaporation residue anyhow and there is no proof that the gel is any better in that regard. If I'm annoyed enough to wet clean once in a blue moon I want it 99% clean anyhow and I've been pretty good at it. This one looks like it gets you to 95% clean quickly and you can use it more often. But to be honest my 6D stays 95% clean as is without any intervention and I shoot only dusty non-sealed primes.

A few parcels on my A7R sensor are tough to be cleaned. I applied extra liquid with Copperhill kit and tried hard like sweeping floor (before having a chance to scratch sensor) but still unable to remove them.

Boy, I don't know what you've got going there, if Eclipse can't budge them, I'm not sure anything will. But let us know how you make out, just be careful.

James M.

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