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Re: Went to Best Buy

best buy and amazon have both screwed up delivery dates for me. amazon apologized and compensated me--best buy did not but then again best buy has delivered ahead of embargoes before as well.

the incident with b&h is the second time they have made a mistake over a 45 year relationship with them with both business and personal accounts. a dammed impressive track record without compare.

i accepted everything they said about the recent mistake unconditionally--and those claiming multiple problems should realize that everything that followed sprung from that one first or source mistake--and their apology and moved on nearly immediately except for the fact that they still claim that a screenshot taken on their system was actually what i saw on my screen. henry says they pay a lot of money to have that capability, but it is by no means definitive evidence--i'd need access to router and web service logs to the handshake logs: (SYN,SYN-ACK,ACK).

to put it in terms nearly anyone can understand, every one of you has had the experience of refreshing your web browser screen and seeing newer data appear. b&h has no idea when i refresh my screen and a screenshot taken on their end only reflects what is currently live on their systems, not necessarily what i'm seeing. and yes, some sites do 'push' updates, but they have no evidence showing how long it takes that 'pushed' new data to reach me.

sorry henry, i admire all your qualities and your obvious expertise, but you're misguided or have been misled on this one. but if you can prove that you are refreshing my screen remotely and that i actually receive anything you 'push' my way then i'll sue you under privacy rules anyway--so if that's the case, i'd keep it to myself! [g] [jk of course!]

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