Anyone tried one of those Sensor Gel sticks on a 6D or a 5D3 yet??

Started Jun 12, 2014 | Questions thread
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Re: good move maybe

Timbukto wrote:

Well I see they are endorsed and sold by Copper Hill so that is a big boost in confidence.

Mixed reviews there.

I saw some good results but for me I don't get my sensor dirty enough for me to use it over wet clean. Methanol has a very low evaporation residue anyhow and there is no proof that the gel is any better in that regard. If I'm annoyed enough to wet clean once in a blue moon I want it 99% clean anyhow and I've been pretty good at it. This one looks like it gets you to 95% clean quickly and you can use it more often. But to be honest my 6D stays 95% clean as is without any intervention and I shoot only dusty non-sealed primes.

A few parcels on my A7R sensor are tough to be cleaned. I applied extra liquid with Copperhill kit and tried hard like sweeping floor (before having a chance to scratch sensor) but still unable to remove them.

Just got this Orange version (specially designed for sensors without low pass filter) and will give a try this weekend before trying this Gel Stick. Orange is a magic color

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