G1X/SX50: dynamic range question

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Re: G1X/SX50: dynamic range question

Having just completed a documentary series with the SX50 in mostly terrible high contrast light (you can find it here ), I highly recommend using raw for your captures. What also helps is to use the spot meter to pick a point that gives the best combination of details in the shadows AND details in the highlights. This will rarely give the best overall picture initially but gives you a lot more leeway to correct both shadows and highlights independently in post. I try to get the best results in DPP first with the 12 bit raw file, convert it to a 16 bit TIFF file and work on the details further in Photoshop CS.

I do actually like the way the SX50 handles JPEGs using the Highlight and Shadow features, but they're still not as strong as a properly exposed raw conversion. Though getting the best overall balanced exposure using the spot meter in JPEG can also help a great deal with these features. One thing you can try for really tough light is to take two exposures. The first would be with the camera set to raw+JPEG using the technique above. In this case the Highlight and Shadow controls are not available for the JPEG file. Then take the second exposure in JPEG only mode with the Highlight and Shadow controls turned on. Meter in the same fashion for both takes. Look for the difference in results in the three files and see which one you can get the best final results from. To make this easy, I have my raw+JPEG settings locked on my C1 . On my TV, I have Highlight control locked on Auto. When I want to get the three different files, it's quick and easy just by turning the mode dial (and adding the Shadow control to the TV when necessary).

I hope this helps.


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