Anyone tried one of those Sensor Gel sticks on a 6D or a 5D3 yet??

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Re: good move maybe

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I first time heard this product. I might give a try if VisibleDust kit (Orange-color) that I just bought is still unable to clean a few dust/oil spots on A7R's sensor. I tried Copperhill wet cleaning (that works fine with all my Canon DSLRs) on A7R's sensor (my understanding is that it has a different coating) but failed to remove spots.

A shame about not being able to clean the new Sony sensor filters. A fix may be here
For Sony

I really hope they have a strong engineering explanation for the alpha orange like hue and that the product does not use artificial coloring to make it more 'marketable' somehow.

Looks to be a purposed reformulation to deal with the extra friction of the Sony filter that was a cause of possible residue in the past. And color more like a feature to keep folks from using the wrong stick on the wrong sensor. Like having different colored pumps for diesel vs gas. Smart move.

Not smart...the stick should be colored than not the potentially residue leaving adhesive gel.

Apparently, not an issue as even the original color wasn't a factor (colored gel's been in use for sometime, IMU). Apparently the residue issue was due to the Sony filter being "stickier" than the gel.

The thought of putting color additives on the gel rubs me the wrong way and I hope its more engineering based than marketing but I have my doubts.

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