A6000 or RX100MKIII?

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Re: A6000 or RX100MKIII

If I already had the Rx100 and contemplated the purchase of the Mark III version I would read this review:


and contemplate how his conclusion might apply to me, especially if it was to be my only camera for travelling (unlike with the reviewer, where it is a back-up). Do I want the wider coverage? Do I want the e-finder? Or will I regret not having the extra little bit of reach of the Rx100? Image quality wise I am not sure it matters much.

Alpha 6000: Well, if you want to carry it and whatever lenses "it accumulates", go for that, if you prefer just carrying an Rx and be done with that, don't.

On a side note: I have a similar but different scenario. I dont have Rx100 alrready, but I have a 5N and some lenses and I am finding I really like the image quality, but also really want smaller and lighter gear yet - and I am finding out for a lot of what I enjoy doing (rare as it may be) I need all that (the lighter "all in one" camera I do not yet have) to be waterproof - or a case for it. So I am contemplating the Rx es for that reason. Leaning towards the RxIII - because of the viewfinder. No housing available yet (but announced). Even contemplating the just announce (Panny) FZ1000 - not lighter at all - a monster really - but covering the whole range in a single package at a price not all that differing from the RxIII .... but the size and the weight.... but more camera per dollar ... In away, for me, such indecision works as treatment for my GAS - because, at heart, there really is nothing wrong with my 5N... - except that it's not on me often enough - will an RxIII cure that?

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