What did Sony do to make the A77II so much better?

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I found a used A57 for $300 with a lens. I am going to try out all the old Minolta lenses my dad still has. I know it is bigger than the A6000, but especially at night the A6000 was not reliable focusing - hated the controls too. I also found that the native zooms for the A6000 are only F/4 at best and the many of the lenses were made for new FF cameras and are really expensive. We are talking about $4000 for a set of 3 or 4! I've got F/1.7 primes and an F/2.8 zoom right now and with the A57 they are stabilized. I am going to stick with the A57 untill the fall and see what the A77II price is or if Sony has an A65 replacement or even a cheap A99 replacement.

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No, Mike.  You went on a rant about how my posts received a bunch of "likes" and implied everyone must be lying.  It was one of the worst posts I have ever seen.  There were several guys that added links to reviews confirming the same results I got.  Reliability was 50%. Sometimes more and sometimes less, but overall about 50%.  I tried for 3 days using every setting suggested and check the firmware too.  I gave up when I saw the pros on websites complain about the same thing.  Then the poor low light performance was icing on the cake and it was back to the store where they guy said several other people had returned theirs too.  Then I checked Amazon again and saw how many used/returned A6000s on sale at a discount.  There were 12 and had been 10 the week before which is not normal for newly released camera.

I am very happy now going with the A57 and possibly A77 in the future.

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