Anyone have experience with 24-120 AF-S for indoor sports?

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Re: Anyone have experience with 24-120 AF-S for indoor sports?

joejack951 wrote:

chuhsi wrote:

For any indoor sports, I think the #1 concern is if the aperture works for you to get fast enough shutter speed. VR doesn't matter because people are moving.

Therefore, try shooting your 70-200 at f4. If that aperture works for you (as well as the focal length), then go for it.

My sense is that f4 is too slow for indoor sports.

If ISO performance was always fixed, then you might be correct. But it's not, and the D610 is one of the best high ISO cameras out there. f/4 will do just fine (simply one stop worse than f/2.8).

An f/4 lens will likely not focus as well in low light because only 1/2 as much ligh gets through to the AF sensor.--

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