Lets see your 58mm samples, was it worth it?

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Re: Lets see your 58mm samples, was it worth it?

From (what feels like about 20 or so) the images I've seen you post on these forums the past year and a half this IMO is your best image. Probably by far. While I'm sure the 58mm lens helps, what makes this image really work is the light, the expression/concentration of the man and the background setting. But really the light is why you're getting the positive feedback that you've received. Really hard to tell how much of this is the lens IMO.

This shot is from the 58 and I love it. But it's the light that makes the shot. Shooting side by side with the 50mm f1.8G that week, in the same spots, same subjects, I believe I could've gotten (very close anyways) this same shot with the 50 (in this particular setting & background).  There were a few scenarios where the 58 stood out more to me.

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