Photographer assaulted for taking pictures.

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Re: Only 'Inappropriate' In That People are Paranoid....

Sandy wrote:

larrytusaz wrote:

Not only was the photographer not breaking any laws, I don't see where he was out-of-line in anyway at all either. What is with this nonsense that people are coming up with that says you can't take photos at a beach? Seriously? It's part of the public arena just as much as any other place is. What in the WORLD makes people think there is supposed to be this "iron curtain" fenced around beach areas forbidding cameras is beyond me.

Thankfully didn't suggest we should not take pictures on the beach. It's a matter of respect for others. If someone wanders along taking loads of pictures of all and sundry they must expect objections. Discussions on this sort of activity on these forums reveal numerous photographers who ask first to avoid offence. With so many of us with cameras and phones these days we need to police ourselves before we suffer clumsy legislation.

when I started digital photography few had these facilities and there were rarely restrictions museums, exhibitions, etc. Times are changiing.

Times are changing, and yet some concerns remain the same:

"Besides the laws of the books it is well for the outdoor photographer to remember the unwritten laws governing the actions of ladies and gentlemen. Do not make a nuisance of yourself. Do not go where you are not wanted. Doing these things puts all photographers in bad repute and makes it very hard for the next fellow who comes along. Certain schools and even certain teachers advise that anything is all right so long as the picture is secured. No picture in the world is that important, and it is never all right to be rude or to fail to recognize the rights of others." Samuel Grierson, Outdoor Photography, copyright 1940

Larrytusaz doesn't understand why some might object to taking photos at the beach, and in a lot of cases I agree. Beach pictures of a kite-flying festival or fishing tournament I can understand, but, as you say, some people with cameras wander along taking pictures of all and sundry, and this is particularly offensive when it involves shooting strangers who are simply enjoying themselves in beachware or, even worse, swimming attire. There can't possibly be anything "gentlemanly" about that.

One of the comments below the linked story sums up my feelings on the matter and mirrors what Grierson wrote 74 years ago. Guest wrote, "Stories like this upset me because I also have a drone that I use with my clients and I'd never use it to take pictures of someone else on a beach without their consent. Legal or not, it's just creepy. If someone's upset, standing there arguing the law is just stupid. Incidents such as this make life harder for those of us that are perfectly respectful of others and our craft."

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