Lightroom & the RX100 III

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Re: Lightroom & the RX100 III

Another question is whether this will be a free upgrade for LR and ACR. I've seen a rumour that LR ver 6 is near. Any new cameras supported for the first time by a full version-number upgrade require purchase of the upgrade for direct access.

This hit me when I purchased the Mk2: had to upgrade from LR4 to LR5. Alternatives are the EXIF edit and bulk DNG conversion.

I'm less clear on the ACR situation, but suspect the uptick to the next full version-number of ACR might only be available to PS/CC users. Or perhaps one could buy PS Elements as an ACR front end.

Ray Sachs wrote:

It almost certainly won't, but the odds are that you can use an exif editor to change the ID string in the files to say they're made by the mark II and then it'll open them just fine. Official support will probably come with the next minor upgrade but that can take weeks or even months...

I did the exif trick with a Fuji XT1 for about a month and I've done it with Olympus models in the past - it's a minor pain but as long as it's the same sensor and same basic processor, it works.

Ray: which editor do you recommend? Remember that LR and ACR non-optionally apply the lens distortion correction profile embedded in each raw file. I wanted to check whether LR would find the Mk3 profile correctly so downloaded aMk3 raw file and PhotoMe, but PhotoMe doesn't seem to allow edit of the camera ID field.

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