Telephoto lens for Olympus OM-D E-M10 (Kruger National Park in South Africa)

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Re: Telephoto lens for Olympus OM-D E-M10 (Kruger National Park in South Africa)

Just returned from Botswana where I used a EM-1+75-300 for the first time instead of my Canon 5D3/100-400. Also took along a EM-10+75-300 for my wife. I found both combinations to be perfectly acceptable compared to what I was getting from my Canon gear. To my surprise my wife had very few blurred shots given the fact that she is a occasional photographer (mostly only on holidays) and the supposedly "inferior" IBIS of the OM-10. If anything, the blurred shots were due to the fact that we were on a small boat and the driver would often move the boat just as we took the shot.

There was absolutely no problem pushing ISO to get a minimum speed of 1/320s and we shot many great images wide open. While the EM-1 and EM-10 will show some noise it is very film-like and fairly easily sorted out in Lightroom if you are shooting RAW. In some cases we went up to ISO 6400 with great results.

At no point were we close enough to the animals to want to go wider than 75mm. In fact, sometimes the best pics come from shooting a tight crop or some details of an animal.

Above all, I really enjoyed the light weight and small size of the m43 gear versus traditional DLSR gear. I was able to take a Tenba Small Messenger bag instead of a ThinkTank roller.

Buy the 75-300 with confidence. I would also advise buying the lens hood as you cannot always choose your position relative to the sun.

PS: The 40-150 will not be enough reach to fill the frame. In any event, the 75-300 is rated as sharper than the 40-150 in the 75-150 range where it is very, very sharp. In fact, up to about 200mm the 75-200 is very sharp. Above that there is some softening, but in my experience blurred images above 200mm are more due to bad technique than lens IQ.

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