State of the art in upsizing algorithms?

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Re: State of the art in upsizing algorithms?

wchutt wrote:

The lab who makes my prints know best.

In my experience, this is not generally true. I have no knowledge of your specific lab, but I assume that you are offering this as a general advice.

They have to compete in the market place.

One image quality alone? Hardly. The labs where I live seems to compete primarily on cost.

They upscale a lot of work for corporate clients.

And do these corporate clients care? I know musicians who play for a lot of corporate clients without this being an indication of quality.

I will depend on people whose livelihood requires the best possible results day in- day out year after year.

Day in day out often means finding the compromise that is the least fuzz. Just like a Toyota is a robust, economic car, but might not fit everyones opionon of a "great" car.

You can rely on arm-chair experts at LuLA if you prefer.

I am sorry, but I think that your arm-chair advice is a poor one. I'd rather rely on someone who can present coherent arguments and results.


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