Anyone tried one of those Sensor Gel sticks on a 6D or a 5D3 yet??

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Yes, I use Dust-Aid and it works great

I use it on my 1DMKIV.

Dust-Aid Platinum...

It's what I use and it works great - very easy to use. I can clean my sensor in less than 5 mins. It is a dry cleaning method and can be taken with you on location. LensRentals uses Dust-Aid in their cleaning process. But unlike LensRentals, I only use the Dust-Aid and skip the blower & brushing. Seems like the sticky stamp process is all I need.

Dust-Aid also makes a wet cleaning device call the Dust-Wand, for dust particles that are stuck-on the sensor. So far I have not needed it, since the sticky stamp gets the job done.

Just make sure you get the Platinum version of Dust-Aid. It's the latest and greatest version. I bought mine from a seller on amazon, but it can be bought directly from Dust-Aid's site.

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