Compare SOOC-jpg of S110 and S200

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Re: Compare SOOC-jpg of S110 and S200

You are correct about that noise at higher ISO for CCD-sensor (earlier models), but a think its been more or less corrected in this model (see that last picture in the church was token at iso 1600), higher iso  of 1600, a ment 3200 ore more is of course useless (for a tiny sensor like that), even with cmos-sensor (maybe it look a bit better , but they use exessive NR). Even at iso 80 or 100 some or let's say most of the manifacturors use that agressive NR that I don't like with their cmos-sensors.

I know you can corrected the teints , sharpness and contrast but today a took a stroll wih my new G15 and I find the IO a bit less than with my G9 or G10 (due that NR), maybe I'm wrong but that's just my opinion.


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