Photographer assaulted for taking pictures.

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Re: Photographer assaulted for taking pictures.

dougeryb wrote:

That woman does appear to go off the deep end BUT... There are few to no facts to explain the circumstances on either side of the confrontation. As far as we know, that kid could have been hovering his cam over an open air changing room (side curtains, no ceiling) and her kids could have been in there.

This is absurd, you need to read what you said and then watch the video of her as she she calls him a pervert. Do you understand you have done exactly the same. What if? What if? How on earth do you even justify thinking like this.

Did this kid have his cam hovering over/following a particular person which could be perceived as predatory behavior? We really have but a one sided glimpse of the situation with few to no facts to pass judgement.

One sided, did you watch his video of the flight. It was recording you know, it also how they navigate the copters. You really need to do some work before having an opinion. Go watch his flight video

I'm all for the freedoms to photograph in open public places, but with some respect for the people using that space and a dose of common sense. I take pics at public places all of the time, but I also respect unwritten rules of varying environmental/social conditions.

and deny them here. All the information was available to you and yet you ignored it. You talk about unwritten rules but break the first one.

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