Nissin i40 Flash for Sony

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Re: Nissin i40 Flash for Sony

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Bad news here..Accoridng to nissin japan site, the release of Nissin i40 for sony is now delayed to july..They will be releasing panasonic and olympus version this week

Damn! Already sold my HVL-F60M anticipating to buy this. Oh well, guess I will have to wait a bit longer.

I am thrilled with my HVL-60M flash. It's the most powerful and TTL accurate flash I have ever used. I purchased the Phottix Odin with HSS and TTL and set the 60M on a stand in the room and bounce off the sealing with results that are just amazing imho.

The way Sony has engineered and re-engineered (twice) their flash technology causes havoc with third party vendors. I would be very surprised to see the Nissin work well on Sony cameras and believe your decision to sell the 60M was probably premature. I've seen so many complaints about the 60M being unusable because of overheating. This will happen with 25-30 full power flashes in a couple minutes but is this really how people normally shoot? No, it isn't.

There is a problem with the Phottix Odin that I'm working with the manufacturer on. The HSS feature is random. It sometimes works and sometimes doesn't. I'm hoping they can provide a firmware update that supports the A7R better. I've supplied examples to them and will hopefully get it resolved. They have provided firmware updates to both the Canon and Nikon versions but not Sony for some reason.

You might have the same issue that I have with my A7.  When I am using the EFC, I have zero issues with the Odin setup.  When the EFC is off, sync speeds between 1600-4000 do not work.  Above and below those sync speeds work fine.

Is that they same issue that you are seeing?

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