How to test "blue spots" with LT I or LT II?

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Re: How to test "blue spots" with LT I or LT II?

Riquez wrote:

You are AWESOME!

Thank you for taking the time to do this. The result is certainly encouraging.

I am not familiar with that Helios lens, ok you forgot the regular adaptor so I can't compare, but still I can imagine & here I can see potential. I am quite excited to try the MD version on my 28mm 2.8 Rokkor. Your photos give me confidence because for roughly $150 there is only good news here!

there is a bit of swirly bokeh on a couple of your images. It's actually very attractive. I assume that is H giving this effect?

You're welcome!  The swirly bokeh is indeed b/c of helios lens.  Other than infinity focusing issue for some of my FD lenses, the optical performance is pretty good (no any scientific testing or compared to LT I, though).  One small complain is that I kind worry to damage/scratch the glass when take the LT II on/off the camera as the glass element is exposed to outside environment.  Not like dummy adapter, I don't really worry any damage about it.  I need to handle with extra care when I take LT II adapter on/off or mount lenses on it.

Some more comparison, @f2.0 the bokeh indeed more blur than without LT II.  (try to shoot with similar view, thus need longer focus distance for pic without LTII).

1. Helios 58mm 2.0 @ 2.0 with LT II

2. With normal adapter (I guess I should focus slightly closer to be more comparable :p)

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