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Re: Tony and Jan

JanMatthys wrote:

Tony Beach wrote:

JanMatthys wrote:

Tony Beach wrote:

Trevor G wrote:

Tony Beach wrote:

JanMatthys wrote:

Kiddies, can we stop this nonsense, please?

Go and mess up your own sandpit.

Go on, start your own thread and have at it there, not here, please?

Seems the gang of CCD cultists are engaging in their usual nonsense in this thread. It's gone a bit off-topic in that regard, but I don't see you complaining about that. Whatever dude.

Tony, why do you feel the need to bash people who prefer the CCD?

This preference is based on misconceptions and accompanied by a "holier than thou" attitude, and that's what I object to here.

maybe we are nuts, last time I checked, being nuts is totally legal , you need to take a chill pill or start your own CMOS or Foveon sensor thread, live and let live.

The problem is that these forums are intended to foster a better understanding of our cameras, and these threads promote a baseless notion that worsens the understanding of our cameras. Someone needs to step in from time to time and attempt to restore sanity

Really? who died and made you God? we're all insane and you're going to restore us to sanity? I think people can clearly see who the crazy one is.

LOL, good one, Jan. You're going to love my reply to Tony!

instead of letting these myth spreading threads become undisputed gospel.

People can think for themselves Tony, I seriously doubt people are buying millions od D200's over D5300's because they think what we say is gospel.

It's funny because I've actually shown it's Tony who like to rely on gospel.  Apparently the rest of us heathens compare our images to decide for ourselves.


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