Minolta MD 28/f2 on Fujifilm X-A1: colors, bokehs and scenes.

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Miki Nemeth
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Minolta MD 28/f2 on Fujifilm X-A1: colors, bokehs and scenes.

While hesitating to buy a focal reducer (speed-booster) or buy (expensive) native high quality Fujinon XF lenses, I received my inexpensive MD-FX adapter, and this morning I gave a quick test. At the same time I received my JJC LCD-hood (LCH 3.0B). Both the adapter and the LCD-hood are very well made and are a perfect match to the X-A1. The LCD-hood's height is perfect, but it could be about 6mm wider to cover the full width of the LCD panel; the effective screen is fully visible, though.

Minolta MD 28mm/f2 and LCD-hood on Fujifilm X-A1

No problem to tilt the LCD panel with the hood attached. The hood helps a lot in outdoor bright daylight, but is not a substitute of an EVF.

I have only three MD lenses left after my daughter grabbed the MD 16mm/f2.8 fisheye: 20mm/f2.8, 28mm/f2, 35-70mm/f3.5. Today I picked the 28mm.

Here are a couple of photos I took today:

Subject isolation at f2 is definitely not a problem with this lens.

Smokers and bikes outside the railway station building

A flock of school-children enjoying when a locomotive engine was whistling 20 meters from them. I was not prepared to capture the moment, and I somehow missed the focus. Still I am happy that I got this photo.

A favorite spectacular yellow railway vehicle. My love towards trains remained from my childhood.

If you interested you can find a couple of more photos in my album http://www.dpreview.com/galleries/6567299074/albums/minolta-md-28mm-f2-on-fujifilm-x-a1

Have fun, Miki

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