Anyone tried one of those Sensor Gel sticks on a 6D or a 5D3 yet??

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Re: Anyone tried one of those Sensor Gel sticks on a 6D or a 5D3 yet??

GammyKnee wrote:

JMckenna wrote:

And it is "fun" once you get proficient doing it

James M.

I'd never describe it as fun - it's always a brown-trousers moment for me

But given a choice I'd always rather do a wet clean than poke about with gel sticks or static brushes or whatever else there is out there.

Yah I hate doing it too...I have like 2 stubborn spots right now, not worth removing and can deal with it in post.  Once it gets up to 10 maybe I'll do something lol.  Haven't done anything but a blower since owning my 6D and love the negligence I've given it.  Haven't swapped lenses in a sandstorm though.

My biggest complaint about this tool is just the idea that I would spend 50 bucks on it, use it...and find out my few remaining spots are really like oil or something that doesn't come off with this adhesive like that point its like well I had to wet clean anyways.  On the otherhand I do not like the idea of wet cleaning because I believe it leaves a microscopic layer of residue that makes your sensor more dust prone compared to when it came out of the maybe the adhesive gel technique is better in that regard.  Then again who is to say the gel doesn't leave residue...they had to formulate another one for Sony because it clearly did leave residue on Sony sensors.

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