When to use f22 or higher

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Re: When to use f22 or higher

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Then I'll slightly rephrase the reply. Learn how to clean your sensor properly. I clean my sensor by shooting at f/22 until I have no dust spots. It is possible to do.

Now, you want a challenge? Try using your camera as a pinhole camera at something like f/177. Cleaning your sensor to show no spots at this aperture is next to impossible. Doing spot removal in post is the only way.

I know how to clean it properly. I find both of your snide replies unhelpful at best, and derisive at worst.

Do you ever change lenses outside (or even inside)? They get dust eventually.

Are you trying to claim that your camera(s) never, ever have dust on the sensors?

Or re you claiming that you clean your sensor each time before you take a shot at f/22?

I have no trouble wet cleaning my sensor at f45.

Have you tried taking the lens off first?

You funny guy. It means I clean until I can't see dust spots at f45 on my micro Nikkors. That way, I have a few weeks before F22 looks bad.

Just curious, how bad is diffraction at f/45 compared, to say f/22?

I am sure the diffraction at f45 is horrible, but I find every spot on the sensor that way. In digital photography, I would probably use f45 only as a last resort.
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