When to use f22 or higher

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when you are ok to waste away most of your resolution

On an APS-C sensor, at f22, even the light with the shortest wavelength, i.e. blue, allows you to usefully feed only a little over 3mp of resolution.

On a 35mm sensor, again at f22, you can properly feed only about 7mp of resolution.

So if you want to shoot at f22 then you should realise that you will be in heavy diffraction limited territory.  So you had better have a very good reason to do this, obviously DOF on either macro or a landscape.  And set your camera to one of its reduced resolution modes.

I personally try to only exceptionally go smaller than about f8.  On my APS-C DLSR this allows to still properly feed 25mp of resolution for blue light, for an ideal lens - so the 16mp's of my sensor should still be mostly useful.

romfordbluenose wrote:

Another poster let us see their pictures taken at f22 which were rather stunning.

I tend to shoot at f8 or a lot wider but rarely the other way except when using macro lens.

I just wondered what people use f11 and above for other than macro. Examples would be great.

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